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How to Feel Confident When Booking an Escort

You want to meet up with an escort but you are so nervous. This is a fairly common issue and is the number one reason for failed bookings. Not only does it disappoint clients, but it also makes me feel like my hard work is wasted in the end.

Every healthy man naturally gets excited when he sees an attractive woman. This excitement can reach a very high level when you go on a date with a woman whose videos and pictures you have looked at many times.

Or maybe you've never met an escort before, you don't know what to expect and of course you get anxious...

Whatever the reason, I would like to give some advice on how to deal with this problem that I often encounter.

"We have nothing to fear except fear itself"


1) Overthinking

Because overthinking often leads to negative thinking. You create scenarios in your mind that may never happen. This can cause unnecessary stress and anxiety, feeding into your insecurities.

I wouldn't recommend you to think too much about the escort before you go on a date. Looking at her pictures, watching her videos over and over again may not be good idea. In fact, trying to keep your mind busy with other things before the meeting time will reduce your stress.

2) Fearing Judgement

A professional escort will never judge your appearance, performance or any other feature. At least you should never have such concerns when you come to meet me. I only care that you are a kind and sincere gentleman. Other than that, I see every client as equal.

3) Dwelling on Past Failures

" Confidence is not something you're born with but it's something you build"

We can't achieve any success in this life without failing. The greatest work of arts and inventions were unearthed after thousands of failed attempts.

Instead of giving up immediately after being disappointed with an escort, finding a few escorts you can trust and meeting them regularly will be very effective in overcoming the stress you experience towards women in general. Meeting a competent escort is the best gift a man can give himself.

4) Self Care

If you feel nervous before meeting an escort, a good self-care will make you feel more comfortable. Shave, dress nicely, put on perfume... etc.

I wouldn't recommend eating heavy meals and consuming excessive caffeine before you meet.

Watching too much porn and masturbating can also lead to failure on a real date.

If you're really so anxious, I can tell you that supplements containing CBD are very effective at relieving this.

I hope it was useful

Thanks for reading


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08 jul
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Sounding like another string to your bow is taking very good shape

Excellent advice and delivered to in a subtle and empathetic way👍😊

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Good advice Suzy x

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