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Why can't you get an answer from me?

Updated: Jan 3

You tried to contact me so many times but couldn't get any response and wondering why. I've decided to write my first blog about this topic, one of the most difficult parts of my profession; communicating with potential clients to arrange a booking.

Hi, I'm Suzy, a sex worker, an adult performer and a content creator.

Most people have no idea how to have a conversation with sex workers. A lot of guys assume that because they are paying, the way they approach sex workers doesn't matter. However, they are so terribly wrong. Let me explain why.

When you call or text me, I spend the entire time work out;

•Whether you are serious about the booking or just going to waste my time,

•How safe, polite and decent person you are

• The services you might ask are reasonable or beyond my capacity

These are some examples of messages there is no way I would respond:

"Hey", "Are you available", "Where are you located", "Send me your postcode", "Can I come now", "What services do you do" ...

Actually I immediately block many of these numbers due to their poor attitude. It's always shocked me that most men are incapable of writing anything longer than "are you available"

I also never answer; "I saw your ad in xxx directory and would like to see you" kind of fixed messages. These guys cannot even bother to write an original text to contact me, they are not serious about the booking so aren't worth answering.

Another example of people I never book is who keep asking endless questions about me and the services. According to my experiences, real clients are very straight and don't ask any questions. These questions indicate that it will be a waste of time. Lack of self confidence and trust.

If they don't trust me at all, how can I trust them?

In summary:

•Poorly-written text messages

•Asking basic questions that are covered in my advertising,

•Not providing any information about the desired time and duration

•Requesting additional photos, video calls,

• Irritating service requests

•Last-minute messages

Jayk7 / Getty Images

So, what kind of information and attitude do I need to feel safe and comfortable booking?

A short introduction of yourself, when and how long you want to book and what kind of services you are looking for. In other words, you need to schedule your booking like you would schedule a haircut or a car repair. That's it.

When you are contacting me, remember that you are negotiating with someone who is both a businessperson as well as a human being. The truth is, I'm not so desperate that I want to take the money of everyone who calls me. I have to be selective to protect my physical and psychological well being. I would never spend my private time with someone who is unable to communicate with a lady properly.

There hasn't been a time when I haven't responded to an appropriate request. Even if I'm not available that day, I explain them the situation and usually offer to meet another day. So, if you can't get a response, instead of getting angry with me, reconsider your own approach.

When you act and sound like a gentleman at first contact, I will be delighted to meet you - and you’ll have a much better date.

I hope these are informative.

Thanks for reading


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